Elkader Sweet Corn Days


Sweet Corn Days 2020 has been cancelled.

Message from the Sweet Corn Days Committee 07/15/2020

It is with heavy hearts that we write this to our festival goers.

We are disappointed, angry, but mostly sad that we need to share that there will be no SCD 2020. We feel we have failed our families, businesses, and community members whose heart and souls were ready to celebrate with us this year. We spent hours last night trying to figure out a way to modify the festival without the street closures we needed, without violating the noise ordinance, and without approval to set off fireworks within city limits. We brainstormed on ways to move events around, especially those held on the streets (kiddie tractor pull, bean bag tournament, serving of free sweet corn, car show and shine and of course the parade). We spent time looking at the city map, who owns property outside of the city limits where we could shoot off fireworks. How can we modify the times of events to fit everything in before 9 pm when the noise ordinance goes into effect? And if we make these changes what does this say about our brand that we’ve worked so hard to create; Small town. Summer fun for all ages and especially for families with young children. Finances also were taken into consideration, with a modified festival we projected expenses and income and even with trying to cut out as much as possible there is also an increased cost to properly ensure our festival goers health and safety. It was a concern that we could go backwards financially, and we need to be fiscally smart as we run on a very tight budget. The time that we have left played into this. Today we are eight days away. Could we pull this off in that time?

We were also approached by Volga City Truck Cruise (VCTC) which takes place in Volga City on July 25th. Via zoom they presented to us last night what they called Sweet Corn Days travels to Volga City. Members of the committee, along with their mayor, and a city council member were present. They were so incredibly supportive and welcoming and presented a very enticing plan. We strongly considered this idea, but ultimately felt to be true to our wonderful businesses that have supported us, while grateful for the offer, decided not to move our festival to Volga City. However, we would like to encourage you and your family if you’re wanting something to do next weekend to go over to Volga City and support their cause. We learned last night that their mission is to attract tourism and develop property and half their profits are donated to charities. How awesome is that?

Unfortunately, we felt with all the restrictions City Council has put on SCD, (which was exactly their intention) we felt cornered into canceling this year’s festival. We would like to thank our Mayor, Josh Pope, and City Council member, Daryl Koehn, for their support, it is beyond appreciated. We would like to share that after the City Council approved our liquor license, we’ve spent about $1,800 and we still need to check with a few vendors about fees for cancellation. When we asked the City Council members to look at the city budget to see where they could part with the funds to reimburse SCD, Ed Josten, City Council member, suggested that the community members come up with the money to pay this. We are not able to understand why he would suggest such a thing.

Many of you have asked how to contact the City Council or have asked what you can do to help. Since we are not moving forward we don’t have a need for volunteers at this time, but if you would like to help by voicing your thoughts to the City Council, or thanking Josh Pope or Daryl Koehn for their support (if you read the article in the Times – Register, formally the Clayton County Register, Daryl had some great things to say) that would be appreciated. It seems that right now, only the people that feel we are being foolish or irresponsible are reaching out to them. So helping them hear voices that have not yet spoken up would be good.

Please email the City Administrator and Mayor, Josh Pope, who will forward all emails to the City Council Members at elkaderadmin@alpinecom.net and mayor@alpinecom.net
If you would like to reach out to our committee our email is elkaderscd@gmail.com

**If you are a sponsor we will be reaching out to each of you on how you wish for us to handle your donation and your feedback for this year’s event.**

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